Kindle Paperwhite page turn animation?


I currently have the Nook app for my tablet. I was thinking of getting a Nook Simple Touch as well, to carry with me, use at work, etc. But when I looked at a Nook in the store last night, I was a little dismayed to see that, instead of the animation that mimics an actual page turning, the page does this flashing thing that I know I would find distracting. So I'm wondering about the Kindle Paperwhite. What sort of page turn animation does it use?

Uncle Pennybags
Uncle Pennybags

The Nook Simple Touch uses an e-Ink screen which is not capable of animations.

The Kindle Paperwhite uses the same technology and has no animation either. It just briefly flashes and then has the new text on screen.

I've been using an e-Ink reader for 2 years now. The flashing isn't distracting in the slightest, and reading on e-Ink is easier on your eyes than reading on a tablet.


Both devices use the same technology of eInk screen.

Found a Review comparison between Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook, should help you on getting a good idea on both:

I'm pretty sure that that page turn wont be any issue after few days of usage.

Kindle has pros like:
- Better screen resolution
- Great contrast for dark text
- Prime membership
- Free cloud storage

While Nook has pros like:
- Free in-store wifi and downloads
- microSd slot
- ePub format support (You can convert ePub to Kindle readable format easily)

Kindle Paperwhite, best price:
Nook Simple Touch: