Rhapsody, mp3 and kindle fire HD help?


I want to get a kindle fire HD (the new one) and I would like to add music into the kindle.

The thing is I don't want to spend a lot of money on music. What I would like to do is get all the music I want with a one month subscription to rhapsody n cancel it after I'm done. Will the kindle have the music stored in it or is it only going to be available through a rhapsody app

Also I would like to get a new mp3 to do the same as I would like to do with the kindle. Any good mp3's that would let me drag the music into the mp3 rather than have the music run through an app.



The chances are that the songs would stay there even if you uninstall the application. In a specific folder. Probably by the app name.

Here is a good discussion on Kindle Fire HD, should help you out on this decision:


And here you would be able to find the Kindle Fire HD:



Even if the songs stay there, you still can't play them. They are more or less rented, not bought, with the monthly membership. I thought the same thing, that i would get a one-month membership every now and then and download all the music I wanted, then sign off until I wanted to get a little more. It doesn't work that way. First of all, the songs are not mp3s but another file type, probably a proprietary one, and they are locked or opened by the fact that your membership is in good standing. They do have to pay for the music they send out, so it is understandable. And I would say that it is usually worth it. I had it for about a year and a half, until I recently lost my iPod. I got a lot out of having it; my only reservation was that the app would sometimes log itself off when I was nowhere near wifi, and I'd have to wait until I was somewhere I could sign back in. Other than that, it had most of the music I wanted, with few exceptions. They also sell mp3s, as does Pandora, but the monthly service is some other file format.