How to tell if my Kindle Fire HD is done charging?


I just got the Kindle Fire HD yesterday and it runs out of power quickly. I charge it with the "Amazon Fast Charger" that you plug into the wall. That's what my parents told me, they said it would charge quicker with that.
So, it almost ran out, so before it turned off, I plugged it in. I was playing it while it charged and I took it out when it was done.
The next day (today) I was playing it again. I was playing Minecraft and it said "Low Battery 15%". I thought it would tell me when it was 5% so I waited for that, but it didn't. It turned off and the screen was black. I plugged it in and it's been charging for about an hour and a half. I can't turn it on.
How do I tell how much is left to charge? How long does it usually take?


The Kindle is a tablet with a lot of functions so the battery does not last that long like a plain ereader would especially if you use it a lot. I read on it and check email, games etc and I have to charge mine nightly.

You can go to the app store on your kindle and download a battery optimizer. Its free. You can go to settings and choose to tell you when the battery gets low. You click on the app and click optimize and it optimizes all the behind the scenes files to optimize your battery life. Read this:

ALL Clear
ALL Clear

Here you can find everything about charging of Kindle Fires:

You can only see whether the device is charging, on notification bar of the tablet. If you can't power it on, then you can't tell whether it's charging or not, as there's no indicator light.

There's a good chance that the battery monitor software has gone out of sync with actual charge in the battery.It'll cause the tablet unable to power on, having frozen screen, issues on charging/battery, etc. There's a good discussion on how to fix such kind of problem:

Try to reboot the device as well, as mentioned in the discussion. If problem persists, contact Amazon customer support for help.