Help setting up Gmail on Kindle Fire?


I'm trying to set up my Gmail account on my Kindle Fire. I have followed several tutorials to get around the Kindle not supporting IMAP mail accounts, but am still receiving a "Username or password incorrect" message when I try to move past the Incoming server settings page. I have a custom domain name specific to my school. 2-step verification is not enabled and I've tried changing the password. I already made sure IMAP was enabled on my email. This is what the Incoming server page looks like:
Password: …
IMAP server:
Security type: SSL (always)
Authentication type: PLAIN
Port: 993
IMAP path prefix left as is
Moblie, Wi-Fi, and other all checked under Use compression on network.
Of course, I have already checked several times that my email and password are typed correctly. Believe me, they are correct.
Please help if you can.


I am having a similar problem with imap account. It stopped working this week and I was getting invalid pwd/username errors but my account was working fine on my other devices. I contacted Amazon support and found out there was a pushed system update this week. They told me they will look into it… We'll see. You may want to contact them as well.